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About Us

Lanoue Film Arts (LFA) is a full service, art rental company catering to the needs of creative professionals

in the film, television and commercial production industries.

Owners, Susan & Mark Lanoue, have merged their respective areas of expertise, combining over 35 years

experience in the fields of art and production.  Susan owns and operates Lanoue Gallery, a contemporary art gallery

in Boston’s SoWa Arts District, while Mark is an international freelance film and video Producer.

LFA offers every style, period and medium of art, including original paintings, sculpture, photography, scalable digital reproductions and more. We work directly with hundreds of individual artists, galleries, museums and print publishers

across the United States to provide our clients with an unparalleled assortment of pre-cleared art.

  • Select from among hundreds of works available in our 4,000 square foot gallery.

  • Search thousands of images from our online collection
  • We will clear artwork of your own choosing.

At LFA we take pride in being your one-stop-shopping art resource. We handle the research, sourcing, and clearance

as well as the procurement, printing, custom framing and shipping. You save time and money; it’s that simple.

LFA is available to you 24/7, provides quick turn-around, and works with all budget levels. Call us, you’ll breathe easier …we promise!